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Our solutions for data visualization, data management and advanced analytics do more than just simplify your tasks and make your work more efficient. They transform your data enabling you to make strategic decisions with confidence that can propel your business to a new level.

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ISO 27001:2013 certification for information security management

At Smart Analytics, we aspire to the highest standards of information security compliance. Achieving ISO 27001:2013 demonstrates a commitment to information security at every level of our organization.

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Implementing data dissemination portal for UN ESCWA

The portal will allow internal and external users to access the data, enjoy rich visualization and analytical capabilities, and customize their data experience.

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What we do best is develop elegant software solutions to address complex business problems.  The systems we create enable you to collect and analyze vast amounts of data and to transform them into a reliable and profitable business strategy.

Smart Analytics is a team of enthusiastic programmers, economists and mathematicians with over ten years of experience in the field of business analytics.

Each of us has experience of working on global projects developing information systems for multinational companies and corporations. Our portfolio includes solutions for businesses and public organizations in the field of economics, finance, health care, industry, agriculture and tourism.

Our sound academic background helps us to deliver more than simple data visualization. Our solutions can use data to draw information on macroeconomic and corporate processes, find patterns and predict new developments.

With this to hand, you will be able to use big data as a sound platform to support specific managerial decisions.
Combining state of the art achievements in the field of Business Intelligence, Data Management & Big Data and Advanced Analytics, we offer a new class of flexible, functional and highly intelligent products.

In Smart Analytics, we believe in the power of data and the opportunities it opens for humanity when all those technologies complement each other like well-fitting components of a single system. We are confident to say that even the largest data storage, the most elaborate math package and the most sensible business strategy developed by a leading consulting agency will be even more effective and more productive when they are incorporated into our software solutions.
We make your data more accessible, saving you from the usual routine of searching, downloading and processing data from numerous internal and external sources. We provide access to verified and visualized data for you, your co-workers, clients and partners.

We make your data more valuable by helping you to get maximum benefit from information you have. We explore and combine various sources of data, and apply the best analytical tools and technologies creating a product that will improve your performance and increase the intellectual capital and the value of your business.  

We make your data more profitable by opening up new ways of using it for cost reduction, raising the quality of service and indentifying promising market outlets. Our solutions will assist you with efficient planning and identifying specific business recommendations.
Reason One: Concentration. We believe in specialization and the concentration of efforts. Our core competences lie in the sphere of Business Analytics, Data Management & Big Data, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics. We focus on these activities and do not engage in non-core projects.

Reason Two: Unique Competences. We address the most complex and data-greedy business tasks requiring sound competences at the interface of programming, math and economics.

Reason Three: Quality and Professionalism. We provide a full cycle of project development, software installation, support and training. We adhere to international standards of project management and deliver flawless app design. This commitment to excellence brings us clients from among leading companies from all over the world.


Our software solutions for data management, advanced analytics and forecasting are strategic investments in your business development ensuring your prompt and flexible response to business challenges.


Data Management & Big Data

Intellectual processing of Big Data from both internal and external sources

  • Data collection and processing
  • Integration and harmonization
  • Data quality management
  • Automated data collection from internal and external sources
  • Big Data projects

Business Intelligence & Visual Discovery

Our user-friendly tools make light work of:

  • Data visualization and infographics
  • Reports and presentations
  • Flexible Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Geoanalytics
  • Data search
  • Self-service BI

Advanced Analytics and Forecasting

Comprehensive software solutions based on economic and mathematical modeling and machine learning

  • Time series analysis
  • System dynamics modeling
  • Econometric modeling
  • Scenario Analyses (what if and what for)
  • Data Mining

Mobile Analytics

Developing mobile applications for analytical and operative tasks

  • Applications for data access and search
  • Analytical apps
  • Mobile Office for top managers
  • Individually tailored apps for internal and external users


Data Management Platform

Designed for working with large bulks of statistical data, this platform automates the collection, verification, analysis and publication of information, and can be adapted to business processes and industry specifics. It integrates with other sources and supports the SDMX standard for data dissemination.

Survey Management Tool

This application is designed for organizations collecting data the form of questionnaires and surveys. It creates survey forms and questionnaires, manages data collection, accumulates and analyzes information input, and generates reports.

Analytics & Benchmarking Portal

This portal collates, summarizes and compares data on your company’s subsidiaries, clients, competitors, contractors, etc. It is a convenient tool for managing data submission, generating reports and benchmarking.

Analytics & Benchmarking Portal

This portal collates, summarizes and compares data on your company’s subsidiaries, clients, competitors, contractors, etc. It is a convenient tool for managing data submission, generating reports and benchmarking.

Market Analytics Portal

This portal is designed to collect, analyze and publish market data on sectors, commodities, prices, competitors, etc. It enables you to automatically collect and verify data from public and commercial sources, generalize historical records and projection data. This may help you to address business problems requiring the combination of corporate data and external data.

Mobile Data Finder

A classic app for data publication, both for corporate users (employees, top managers) and for external ones (clients, partners). Its options include data search and navigation, data analysis, report viewing.


In each of our projects, we strictly adhere to our client’s wishes in terms of deadline, budget and desired result. We also observe international standards and best practices of project management ensuring flawless quality and optimal use of resources.

1. Briefing

We review your specific business activities, examine your database architecture and with you jointly formulate the desired outcome of the project. We offer the best terms and cost of development.

2. Project specification

Depending on the depth of specification provided at the first stage, we identify the optimal approach to the project, the timing and specification phases.

3. Design and Technologies

We propose the technology stack for the project and design the architecture for the solution. Drawing on our software design competence and the client’s wishes, we propose the future interface of the solution based on usability principles.

4. Development

To develop the software, we use the best from international standards and approaches such as Unified Process, Microsoft Solution Framework and Agile. We keep the development process transparent and maintain close contact with the client showing them intermediary results and discussing our shared vision of key points.

5. Integration

We develop seamless interfaces for our systems’ interaction with the client’s information arrays and existing corporate applications to prevent the development of secondary reporting systems.

6. Quality assurance and project delivery

On each project, we perform current, system, load and UI testing. The solution is delivered on a turnkey basis, so it is delivered fully operational and will not require any specific competences of your staff to operate and configure the system.

7. Ongoing support

The client can choose the support option that best suits their needs: based on SLA, subscription fee, on request, intensive support for a certain period after installation, etc.

8. Training

We elaborate and offer the most convenient ways for our users to learn how to operate the system: on-site and remote training, webinars, video lessons, etc.


Our technology stack includes both specialized platform for data collection, processing and analysis, and a wide range of cross-functional technologies, languages and standards.

Data Management & Big Data

SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Hadoop, NoSQL, Column-oriented DBMS

Business Intelligence & Visual Discovery

Power BI, Pentaho, Prognoz Platform, Excel, SQL Server Reporting & Analysis Services

Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

R, SPSS, Gretl, EViews, Statistica, Prognoz Platform, Mathematica, MATLAB, AnyLogic, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, XGBoost

Mobile Analytics

Objective-C, Android SDK Tools, Universal Window Platform

Cross functional technologies

.Net, Java, Python, C/C++, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Apache SOLR, NServiceBus
.Net, Java, Python, C/C++, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Apache SOLR, NServiceBus


Leading companies from all over the world invest in our analytical solutions because of the tangible contribution it makes to their business efficiency.

European Сommission, Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs

European Commission for Economics and Finance collects, analyzes and publishes information about the economic development of the EU member states using the Forecast Data Management System (FDMS+) powered by Smart Analytics.

The World Health Organization

The World Health Organization uses our functional software solutions to analyze the work of national and regional health care systems, water safety issues, demographic indices and disease prevalence.

3M Health Information Systems

The software solutions we made help 3M Healthcare Information Systems automate the collection, processing and analysis of healthcare data and thus facilitate the performance of healthcare providers.

The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius

The Mauritius Financial Service ensures the transparency and efficiency of this country’s financial sector with the help of Smart Analytics solutions, which collect, verify and synchronize data received from financial organizations, insurance funds, etc.

FebelFin – The Belgian Financial Sector Federation

Finstat is a Smart Analytics solution that FebelFin uses to build a more efficient relationship with banks and financial organizations: it collects sector statistics, prepares comprehensive market reviews and sends their results to participants in the market.


The world’s largest chemical concern BASF relies on our systems to investigate opportunities in the global market of fertilizers, using the BASF Agricultural Terminal to aggregate the key statistics on agriculture, macroeconomics and trade.

The Statistical Centre for the Cooperation Council for the Arab Countries of the Gulf 

GCC-Stat publishes its statistical data via a robust and compelling web portal developed by Smart Analytics.

BAK Basel Economics AG

Smart Analytics solutions help the Swiss Economic Research Institute (BAK Basel Economics AG) to obtain comprehensive data on economics on macro, regional and sector levels and to provide consulting services to its clients.

OCP Group

OCP Group, a global leader in phosphate production, uses its corporate analytical system developed by Smart Analytics to support its operative planning and strategic decision making processes.


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