November 26, 2021

Data as a Product Webinar with Qlik Catalog

On November 2, Oleg Shidrikov, Head of Qlik Practice at Smart Analytics, hosted the Data as a Product webinar with Qlik Catalog. Oleg spoke about how to speed up and simplify data delivery to users, by implementing the Data as a Product concept with Qlik Catalog, which is one of Qlik data integration products. He also demonstrated at the demo stand how this concept can be implemented within a commercial organization.

About Qlik Catalog

Qlik Catalog simplifies data profiling and processing and delivers to users the reliable analytics-ready data. And all this is in a convenient and modern marketplace format: if a user knows how to select products in an online store and put them in the basket, then he will definitely cope with obtaining the necessary data from Qlik Catalog!

Qlik Catalog provides a single user access point to heterogeneous data stored by an organization, be it data from files, accounting system or data lakes, and Big Data warehouses. The product can interface data with any BI system, but, of course, Qlik Sense users will have special advantages.

Case Study

The Qlik Catalog capabilities were demonstrated at our demo stand by the case study of a retail company. According to legend, a trading company is launching a new product on the market. The promotion plan includes targeted mailing to an existing customer base. The case clearly illustrated how an employee of the marketing department can find out what data are available in the organization, which of them can be trusted and which are best suited for solving the task. The process of data handling has been demonstrated both on a business user side and on a data engineer side.

Questions and Answers

During the Q&A session, Smart Analytics expert and Qlik representatives answered questions about the Qlik Catalog practice, its features, licensing rules, and the benefits of Qlik Catalog over other data marketplaces.

Please contact us by email or fill out the contact form on the website in case you need a personal demonstration or you have further questions.

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