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Healthcare Benchmarking & Analytics

Together with our partners we have built a great deal of data management and analytical solutions aimed at improving results in the financial, clinical and operational areas of the medical business and population’s health management.

For Whom

Designed for healthcare regulators and hospitals looking to improve quality of care and business performance on the level of one hospital, hospital group, region, or nationwide.

Business Tasks Coverage

Collecting and consolidating data on hospitals’ activities on the regional level and nationwide, as well as benchmarking performance of medical institutions while covering quality and cost of treatment and care.

Quality & Performance Analysis

Hospitals are able to improve their service quality and competitiveness by analysing the dynamics of the medical and nursing care. They monitor key indicators’ dynamics such as standardized healthcare quality indicators, the analysis of complications developed by a patient when in hospital, the analysis of the healthcare quality dynamics and attaining targets.

Performance Benchmarking

Allows users to collate their results with average ones on the regional or national level. They can carry out the analysis of costs’ structure, benchmarking in treatments and healthcare, benchmarking the structure and efficiency of the staff, structural analysis of the use of medications, the analysis of supplies, the analysis of the death rate indicators’ dynamics for different groups of conditions or patients.

Scenario Analysis

Provides effective ways for decision-making in budget management and forecasting needs. By assessing the influence on the KPIs of changes in the hospital’s structure, the influence of changes in the hospital’s performance indicators on the running costs and the analysis of causes of changes in the values of the key indicators of medical care, needs for hospital beds, doctors and medical staff can be forecast.

Population Health Management

Specialized dynamic dashboards for healthcare indicators demonstrating chronic diseases’ outbreaks and prevalence, as well as the analysis of healthcare quality are instrumental in assessing the population’s general health and defining strategies for developing and improving the KPIs of medical institutions’ activities.

Advantages and Capabilities

The latest technical features realized in our solutions provide a safe and scalable environment for business users, high quality of data, prompt updates on the results and long-term profit.


Healthcare benchmarking and analytics offers a wide range of possibilities from data collection and processing to visualization, reports generation and enhanced analytics.

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