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Custom Software Development

You will get a solution that will take into account all relevant industry characteristics and individual requirements of your company. When working on a solution, we use open-source languages and open-source technologies, as well as platforms of leading software vendors.

When you would need a custom solution?

  • When the existing platforms and products are not enough to satisfy specific unique requirements;
  • When your system wants tuning, but its technical side does not allow for additional functionality integration;
  • When you are not satisfied with licensing or technical restrictions of software vendors;
  • When your internal rules would imply that the system has to be developed using certain programming languages or open-source platforms.

Our experience

Smart Analytics is an international company that develops solutions for business analytics, data management, mobile and advanced analytics. Our turnkey solutions are successfully implemented both for small companies and for large corporations and international organizations. When developing our software solutions we use innovative technologies in data management, in-depth analysis and forecasting.

All of our turnkey solutions are aimed at solving definite tasks and satisfying our customers’ needs. By getting flexibly integrated into the existing information environment they make sure that the risk of crashes is minimized and the system implementation process runs faster.

Technologies and Platforms

We offer software development in open-source programming languages, on open-source platforms and with the use of products from leading international and Russian vendors (Microsoft, Qlik, Foresight). The main technologies and products we use are listed below

What the software development process involves

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