Data Management & Dissemination Solution

Key to your statistical data control. Innovative multipurpose tool for all stages of work with statistical information — from collection, processing and analysis to dissemination, — that brings value to the world’s largest organizations.

For Whom

Your end-to-end statistical data management solution. Probably one of the best software products in the world for companies where working with statistical data is an integral part of routine processes.

Business Tasks Coverage

The solution provides business users with a flexible and protected environment for reaching everyday goals connected with collecting and processing large volumes of economic statistical data, as well as data analysis, data forecasting, and data dissemination.

Automation of Core Activities of Employees

Statistical data collection, harmonization and generalization is a complex and time-consuming task which cannot be performed by hand. The solution covers 100% of business users’ needs in terms of automating everyday routine work with statistical data by using user-friendly solutions without any help from IT specialists.

Built-In Validation and Data Preparation Mechanisms

It takes a lot of time to collect data from a number of scattered sources and make all the information compatible. With our solution raw data get standardized with data chunks made fully prepared for further processing and analysis. Automated tools for data validation, harmonization and enrichment are a safeguard against any human error.

Processing Large Volume of Data On-the-fly

New indicators can be created on the fly thanks to express queries, reports on analysis and representation of information, dynamic sorting and filtering of data, as well as a library of mathematical and statistical methods. These indicators may later be used together with original data in reports to make data-driven decisions.

Content Management with Integrated CMS

With the possibilities of the solution electronic publications and reports as a pattern presentation can be created with texts, diagrams and maps. The advanced toolkit will allow you to disseminate the data via a web-portal and use business graphics and online tools for data analysis. For large volume of reports adjustable mass generation of them is available.

Advantages and Capabilities

By using the latest technologies in data management we aim to simplify every stage of the collection, processing, analysis, and publication of statistical data.


Thanks to the extensive opportunities provided by the solution users can work with data, metadata and time series within one continuous process, use effective tools for data collection, processing and visualization and display information in print or electronically.

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