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Advanced Analytics

It will allow you to carry out in-depth data analysis, assess probabilities of events taking place and possible risks, make prognoses about tendencies, consistently plan and make balanced decisions.

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Advanced analytics helps:

  • to make management decisions based on analysis of historical and forecast data
  • to pinpoint inconspicuous patterns, predict events and estimate consequences of various decisions
  • to predict demands and sales, optimize logistics, assess and predict risks, develop and improve your company’s strategy

All of this is possible thanks to deep analysis of geospatial and numeric data, as well as text data. The processes are facilitated by studying factors and constraints involved and forecasting future trends.

Types of analytical tasks

Advanced analytics will supply you with answers to questions like ‘What happened?’, ‘Why did it happen?’, ‘What will happen?’ and ‘How can we make it?’ Guided by the answers you will be able to eliminate risks in good time and take full advantage of opportunities for business development.

Types of analytical tasks

For Whom

In-depth data analysis is in high demand in any branch of business, organization and field. In the 5 years of our company’s operation we have gained most experience in the following areas:

Business Tasks Coverage

Detect factors affecting your company’s KPI. Find unusual correlations in data and define new growth points. Assess the effect of various decisions and make timely adjustments to your company’s strategy. Use forecasting tools and scenario analysis to model development scenarios.

Use advanced analytics tools for calendar and resource planning. Detect conflicts in resource plans and find variants for resolving them. Optimize routes and logistics processes, predict load and resource consumption.

Employ methods of in-depth analysis to your customer database to optimize workflow with it: predict demand and sales and anticipate customer churn. Generate meaningful personalized recommendations based on data analysis.

Case History

Advantages and Capabilities

In dealing with advanced analytics tasks we are guided by the 15 years of experience of our team: mathematicians, business analysts and IT-scientists. Every task is handled with analytical methods, technologies and software most suitable for the purpose. Once we have access to real datasets, we guarantee a high level of information security conforming to the ISO 27001 standard.




  • Time series analysis, data smoothing, discharge analysis
  • Correlation analysis and econometric modelling
  • Script forecasting (‘What will happen if...’) and management (‘What is necessary for...’)
  • Optimization methods (analytical and numeric methods, genetic algorithms)
  • Clusterization and classification
  • Data validation and cleaning

Technologies and tools



  • Languages and platforms
    • Python (Scikit-learn, pandas)
    • R
    • TensorFlow
  • Packages
    • Eviews
    • Statistica
    • SPSS
    • Anylogic

Information security



To solve advanced analytics tasks, access to real datasets is crucial . At Smart Analytics we employ the world’s best practices in information security: our information security management system is certified in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 27001:2013.

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