Smart Analytics | Global Agricultural Market Monitor

Global Agricultural Market Monitor

A system for monitoring and analysis of agricultural data integrated with the company’s internal data sources which aimed at building a development strategy on the global market.

For Whom

The solution helps marketers, economists, analysts and experts in strategic planning to analyze the current situation and trends on global markets, find promising niches for development, prepare analytical materials; and top management to make effective and market-oriented strategic decisions.

Business Tasks Coverage

The solution provides the users with an analytical toolkit to monitor status and dynamics of target markets, estimate development scenarios, integrate and aggregate all relevant economic marketing data into a single-structure information system.

Macroeconomic Analysis

The analysis of global and national macroeconomic indicators (i.e. general economic indicators, demographical, financial, employment indicators), as well as monitoring and analysis of opportunities and risks identified thanks to the analysis of foreign economic factors helps to identify market trends and their influence on the company’s strategy.

Market Analytics & Insights

The fastest-growing markets and attractive market niches can be identified using the analysis of agriculture data concerning production, consumption, trade streams and price dynamics. In addition to that, markets can be segmented by product and geographical position.

Price Trends Analytics

Analysis of current world prices for mineral fertilizers and agricultural products, comparison with peak prices recorded during the retrospective period, analysis of the dynamics of fertilizer price indices allow to make informed decisions regarding the company's pricing policy.

Forecasts & Modelling

What increases the credibility and accuracy of market development scenarios is being able to access forecasts published by reputable data providers, to compare the quality of data sources in terms of the accuracy of their forecasts, to form consensus forecasts on key indicators and to build your own models by integrating popular external software packages.

Advantages and Capabilities

The intuitive interface and advanced data management capabilities take care of providing with reduced labor costs for processing them and prompt receipt of results.


The solution covers all stages of working with data, from collecting, reconciling and harmonizing to comprehensive analytics, reporting and exporting research results, providing top management with relevant market information for making data-driven decisions.

How to Use Data to Make Market-Oriented Decisions?

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