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Febelfin FinStat Survey Tool for Acquiring Analytics on the Financial Sector

98% of Belgian banks are using the FinStat Survey Tool solution functionality for automated data transfer to the aggregator represented by Febelfin and for acquiring analytics on the financial sector in over 60 reports.

About company

The Federation works with financial institutions across the country on creating a social and transparent banking system. Febelfin acts as a medium between the member organizations and politicians, administrative establishments, trade associations and various influential conglomerates on the national and European level. The federation counts upwards of 270 participants with over 100,000 employees.

The official Belgian federation of the financial sector




Brussels, Belgium


The client was interested in a unified portal for collecting information that would be easy-to-use and accessible for all members of the organization as a set of surveys with the feature of automated aggregation of results, analytics and reporting.

Febelfin also needed an automated system of management and user ticket request processing. 

Another objective involved a role model realization where all users were provided with access to individual reports. At the same time, only expressly specified banks were given access to aggregated reports.

The solution would support the Client’s core and strategic capabilities. It would involve generating statistics about the respective industries, a better understanding of the market and promotion of the industries’ interests and products. It would also provide for effective collaboration between the market players. In addition, it would help to build big data capacity by enabling staff to have unified access to a variety of information sources and structures, handle large amounts of data and information available for analysis, and add a new value to the client’s analysis.

We were looking for an "all in one" solution which we found with Smart Analytics. With the tool we can collect, analyse, centralise and disseminate data, which is exactly what we needed.

Tim De Vos

Counsel Statistics, Febelfin


The solution offers all features for data management – survey settings adjustments, reports, administrative functions involving collection, validation and transformation of data submitted by banks on request.

The application consists of several logical modules:


Since 2014, the application has allowed the users among the Febelfin Federation participants to submit data and track the results based on reports. In that time a substantial work has been completed on improving the app’s functionality, some of the patterns have been updated and new surveys have been implemented. With the initial number of the banks using the app being 60%, this figure has grown to nearly 90-98% today.

The application is a powerful set of tools for processing data received from a variety of sources and research results. It can be done within one database to satisfy any needs for analytics and reports. Users in the registered banks can use the app for submitting data and tracking the status of all their surveys. It is also possible to visualize previously prepared reports, as well as export and print them out directly from the application.

The in-built admin tools and information security features guarantee that all measures are taken to prevent any information leaks.

The web application FinStat is an integrated solution aimed not only at automated data collection using Febelfin members’ surveys, but also complex analytics, as well as getting the big picture in banking, forming a summary report and carrying out comparative analysis for the member associations.


Users among banks and associations




Reports (individual and aggregated)

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