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Innovation Activity Planning and Reporting

Automated system for planning and generating scheduled reports on innovative projects of the company.

About company

Russian energy company whose main activity is the transmission of electricity through the Unified National Electric Grid of Russia






Specialists of various branches and levels of responsibility manually enter information into separate tables and then coordinate the data with higher departments. The documents are inconsistent and contain errors. The procedure for identifying all discrepancies and errors at the stage of final reporting is not automated and requires significant time and effort for control. A human factor also contributes to the problem since not every mistake can be easily discovered, given the large number of innovation activities of the company.

The company faced the task of digitalizing and automating the processes of report collection, generation, and update and approving reports, as well as creating tools for uploading actual and planned data on events and numerous supporting documents into a single system.


To solve the task, we have developed an automated system based on the Foresight Platform that provides ETL tools to extract primary reference data and data on the required indicators from an external information system, built a single register of corporate innovation activity events, as well as automatically collect data from responsible departments, coordinate and generate scheduled reports on innovative projects of the company.

Key automation tasks:

  • Improving the quality and speed of handling innovative project data, ensuring their relevance and availability
  • Collecting actual data and generating progress reports on innovative development programs of the company
  • Increasing the discipline and transparency of the processes of initiation and reporting on innovative development projects of the company and its branches

During the system implementation, a tool was developed that allows users to upload initial data to the system, enter or correct data, monitor the collection of reports, view data in reporting forms and export reports to various formats.


The key business effect is a substantial saving of the company's resources required for optimization and digitalization of processes associated with collection and generation of scheduled reports.

The implemented solution enables the company to:

  • Ensure standardization of processes and methods for calculating planned indicators for innovation activities
  • Increase the efficiency of audits
  • Save costs and time for collecting actual data and generating scheduled reports
  • Improve the transparency and availability of data for control
  • Improve data quality at the time of reporting
  • Provide capabilities for further expanding the functionality of the company's project activities, as well as to add new advanced analytics tools for supporting innovation activities of the company

To visualize the results, a dashboard was designed, which allows to:

  • receive summary analytical information on key parameters of branches and divisions of the company
  • consolidate data on the costs of innovation, including by territory, as well as collect general and subject indicators, including annual ones
  • receive live data on the effectiveness of managing company divisions and establishing personal responsibility for KPI

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