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How 3M™ Benchmark Portal Improves the Efficiency of Belgian Hospitals

This case describes how the analytical web portal allows users to analyze the quality of treatment and care, the effectiveness of financial management, identify existing restrictions and find growth points for medical institutions.

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3M Health Information Systems (3M HIS) is a healthcare division of a global corporation with over a 100-year history. More than 50,000 items for the healthcare industry and other industries are produced at the company’s enterprises scattered in 60 countries worldwide. With solutions in 25 countries and 10,000 hospitals worldwide, 3M HIS is the global leader in coding, patient classification and grouping, performance management software and consulting services.

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History of Cooperation

Smart Analytics team members have been involved into 3M HIS projects since 2009. We developed a solution for comparative analysis of the generalized hospital performance indicators against other participants in Belgium’s healthcare market. Over time, the analytical content and functionality of the solution were significantly enhanced. Today, Smart Analytics is a technological partner of 3M HIS Belgium, developing a fully integrated solution, 3M™ Benchmark Portal, as well as many other business intelligence products of this kind for countries worldwide. 

3M expertise in healthcare economics and clinical analysis combined with Smart Analytics’ successful experience in developing information and analysis solutions with large data volumes was incarnated in a product, which is now used by over 1,000 hospital-based users in Belgium.

The portal's functionality is being improved constantly to provide the users with meaningful insights on current and expected performance results in a quick, illustrative and regulatory-compliant way.

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3M™ Benchmark Portal is an analytical web portal that provides users with authorized access to various analysis types, including:

  • Benchmarking of hospitals based on quality indicators (mortality rate, complication rate, readmission rate), and duration of stay
  • Benchmarking and intra-hospital analysis of the cost structure of treatment 
  • Benchmarking analysis of budget use effectiveness
  • Analysis of costs distributed by cost categories and pathology groups (among hospital departments)
  • Benchmarking analysis of treatment profile

A full-blown functionality is provided by technological modules:

Project Uniqueness

Today, 3M™ Benchmark Portal provides efficient and compelling tools for decision-making on the cost management, the efficiency analysis of hospital divisions and the comparative analysis of the hospital against other market participants.

A close collaboration between Smart Analytics and 3M analytical team enables us to enhance and constantly improve the features of 3M™ Benchmark Portal, including:

  • Compiling dynamic reports that might be tuned to meet specific needs of the user
  • Custom collections of subject-oriented reports (dashboards) that the users can compile by themselves 
  • Subscription services regularly providing analytical information and/or the latest data updates from the portal 

We took 3M Belgium's Benchmarking Program to the top competitive position in the market due to advanced techniques that power the portal, namely, our flagship BI platform that provides powerful visualization and data handling capabilities. Users can prepare presentations, create dashboards in a very intuitive way. 

The success of 3M™ Benchmark Portal underscores close cooperation between Smart Analytics and 3M between in developing other healthcare information products. Various solutions for data collection, validation, harmonization, and reporting at the level of hospital (including association of hospitals and the country as a whole) are implemented throughout Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

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