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July 1, 2021

Smart Analytics & Qlik Joint Webinar

On June 24, Smart Analytics and our partners from Qlik conducted a webinar about the Qlik Catalog.

About Qlik Catalog

Qlik Catalog (ex Qlik Data Catalyst) is a data marketplace. It allows the company to build its own data shop and serves as a layer between disparate data sources and analytical tools. Cataloguing of data allows a company to provide operational management of business users' access to corporate data for their subsequent analysis with minimal time and resources.

At the webinar, our colleagues talked about the functionality of the system and the opportunities and advantages of working with Qlik Catalog.


The process of working with Qlik Catalog was demonstrated in more detail at the demo stand using the example of a trading company case. The company, according to legend, is engaged in wholesale and retail trade, both offline and online, consists of two branches and a parent company.

The company needed a solution that would allow automating data collection by branches and ensuring timely access of employees to trustworthy, high-quality, and actionable data in days, not months. The company wanted to improving the efficiency and validity of decisions based on sales data in both branches. This solution was made by Qlik Catalog.

The company faced with the need to expand and rapid growing of its online business during the pandemic. To do this, it was necessary to quickly analyze the current and past results, build a forecast based on these data and find the optimal solution. The main problem was using of different systems for data collection, storage, and analysis in two branches.

The possibilities of working with data in Qlik Catalog, import, filtering, search, and analysis, were demonstrated at the demo stand. In the end of the webinar, colleagues answered questions about the practice of working with Qlik Catalog, the features of work, advantages over competitors.

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