March 20, 2020

Business Development in Belgium & France

For Smart Analytics clients are our partners and we are happy to help improve their business. By getting their feedback we foster relations built on frankness and openness.

Focus on People, Not Only Products

In March our project-manager Alexander went on a business trip to Belgium and France, where he held face-to-face meetings with several of our customers: the European Commission, the Belgian Financial Sector Federation Febelfin and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

For all the three customers, Smart Analytics had developed different solutions in the field of statistical data management:

  • The OECD uses Smart Analytics’ statistical data management solution for data collection, consistency checks, validation and aggregation, as well as for protecting confidential data, calculating and visualizing data and exporting them to different formats or the central data repository;
  • The EU uses FDMS+ from Smart Analytics to handle day-to-day tasks on collecting and processing large volume of economic statistical data, as well as data analysis, forecast and dissemination. One of its key publications, European Economic Forecast, relies on this solution;
  • Febelfin uses FinStat from Smart Analytics to interact with Belgian financial institutions: it collects statistical data on the financial sector, carries out integrated analysis of the market and provides the member banks with the results.

Positive Feedback

In our meetings with the clients we discussed current solutions, future plans and feedback on our work.

For example, the Belgian Financial Sector Federation Febelfin highly appreciated how proactive our support is and how promptly we get in touch to respond to their requests. The Federation is satisfied with our technical support of the web app FinStat. Now we will give more details on this app.

The new developments and enhancements are always delivered on time, so we are a happy customer.

Tim De Vos

Counsel Statistics, Febelfin

FinStat Application

The Belgian Federation Febelfin collaborates with financial institutions across the country on creating a transparent banking system. Febelfin acts as a medium between the member organizations and politicians, trade associations and various influential conglomerates on the national and European level.FF

During our collaboration with Febelfin a substantial work has been completed on improving the app’s functionality, some of the patterns have been updated and new surveys have been implemented. With the initial number of the banks using the app being around 60%, this figure has grown to nearly 90-98% today.

We continuously cultivate relations with our clients, we are always in touch and are deeply involved in their business tasks. That is why it is so important for us to get feedback and keep improving our processes and products so that we remain the best partner for our clients.

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